April 22, 2017

10 Tips On How To Actually Pray


10 Tips On How To Actually Pray


This probably sounds like a silly question to you, but a lot of christians are scared to ask it. Maybe it’s because “pray” is such a buzz word that we all just assume that everyone knows how to do it. There is no right or wrong way to pray. But, I wanted to share with you my 10 tips on how to actually pray that have helped me along the way.


1 | It doesn’t have to be formal at all

You don’t have to be at the perfect place at the perfect time to pray. You can pray anywhere!


2 | It’s more than just a meal time routine

If you grew up in a Christian household you know your parents never let you eat before everyone held hands and prayed. But, there is more to it than just mealtimes. Praying is a continual act.


3 | You don’t have to have all your words eloquently strung together

Praying is about talking to God, not submitting him your best speech. Just tell him what you’re struggling with. The things you would tell your best friend…tell God.


4 | Conversation is key

You might be thinking, that makes no sense! God, doesn’t verbally talk back. Yes, I know. But, think of it like a conversation. Just tell God how your day is going, tell him your reservations, what’s stressing you out, ask him to help you. Ask for guidance and wisdom on how to approach hard situations. Just talk it out.


5 | It’s okay to not have words

Sometimes, I just cry. If I’ve been going through some hard stuff, I just cry everything out. After everything is let out, I just ask God for help. I ask him to just hold me through my circumstances.


6 | It doesn’t have to be out loud

I pray in my head a lot in the car. Or when I’m out and about, and I feel anxiety creeping in. I just say in my head, “God, give me your peace right in this moment. Intercede for me, and give me your joy.”.


7 | Write them down

You don’t have to write down everything, but every morning I write down an intentional prayer in my journal. I date it. I do this because, over the years I like to read back through the prayers I wrote in hard seasons and see how over a period of time, God ANSWERED them.


8 | It’s about being vulnerable

Just let out whatever is on your heart. LET. IT. ALL. OUT.


9 | It’s about faith

At the end of most of my prayers I thank God for all the good he is doing and I thank him for all the good he WILL do in the future. I thank him for my current blessings and the ones to come. Even if I don’t feel it. Even if things are hard, I still pray this and it centers me on faith in the future God has for me.


10 | It should be your first response not your last resort

If you are going through something hard or a bad situation happened at work. Let your first response be to talk to God, not call your husband, or bff. Ask for God’s help first and cry it all out to him. That vent session you have every now and then with your spouse, try next time to vent it all out to God first. This helps me so much to get in a better head space!


Praying can be really intimidating. But once you do it enough you develop your own style of what works for you! I hope these tips helped you in some way.

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