April 22, 2017

32 Things You Didn’t Know About Christianity



I remember going to church every single Sunday as a child. I remember all the rules I was supposed to follow, and did. I remember all the conditions this love from God had and I remember doing whatever I could to please him. As the years went by, following all the rules got exhausting. Being the good christian girl got hard. I would find myself wondering, is this REALLY what this christian thing is all about? I have all my boxes checked and I am doing everything right. No cussing, no lying, no hating, and no disobeying. But, for some reason I felt emptier than ever. This was because I wasn’t educated on what Christianity is ACTUALLY supposed to be about. It took years and years for me to understand what Christianity is really all about. So today, if that is you, I am going to help you!


1 | Christianity is about compassion NOT condemnation.


2 | Christianity is about GRACE not GUILT.


3 | Christianity is about choosing FAITH and shutting down FEAR.


4 | Christianity does not mean your life will be easy, it means despite the struggle and suffering, you have unending joy because of what Christ did for you.


5 | Christianity is about letting go of bitterness, resentment, anger, and jealousy and replacing it with love, grace, and empathy.


6 | Christianity is about loving YOURSELF.


7 | Christianity is about relying on God’s strength NOT your OWN.


8 | Christianity is about letting go of your need to CONTROL and GIVING God the control he already has.


9 | Christianity is about second chances…and thirds.


10 | Christianity is about embracing ALL of your IMPERFECTIONS like God does.


11 | Christianity is about a God who so dearly LOVES you no matter what.


12 | Christianity is about TRUSTING God in the midst of life’s chaos.


13 | Christianity is about shutting down every WORRY and replacing it with God’s truth.


14 | Christianity is about letting God be YOUR rock in hard times.


15 | Christianity is about CHOOSING joy in ALL circumstances, good or bad.


16 | Christianity is about seeing failures as learning experiences that help you grow.


17 | Christianity is a journey with lots of peaks and valleys, but you never have to walk through them alone, because you have God.


18 | Christianity is about how MIRACLES are possible with God.


19 | Christianity makes the IMPOSSIBLE actually POSSIBLE.


20 | Christianity is about PRAYING instead of COMPLAINING.


21 | Christianity isn’t about YOU it’s about how God can use you to SERVE others.


22 | Christianity isn’t about being STRONG but letting GOD be your strength.


23 | Christianity is about God’s unfailing LOVE. He won’t let you down. He won’t abandon you. He is here to stay, if you’ll break down your trust walls and let him.


24 | Christianity is about God’s continual forgiveness. And as Christians, if God forgives us time and time again, we HAVE to find it in our heart to forgive OTHERS no matter how hard it is.


25 | Christianity is about being POSITIVE despite your circumstances.


26 | Christianity is about how a loving God gave up his own son to die in place of all of your shortcomings and mess ups. Jesus dying set us ALL free, a freedom none of us DESERVE.


27 | Christianity is about letting God’s peace flood into our hearts in every moment of every day.


28 | Christianity is about PRAYING to God continually just like you would talk to your best friend.


29 | Christianity is about LOVING people when they least deserve it and least expect it, because in reality that is what God does with us EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


30 | Christianity is about DREAMING big and living UNCOMFORTABLY.


31 | Christianity is about taking LEAPS of FAITH and not looking back.


32 | Christianity is about living RADICALLY and loving fiercely.


I hope this encourages someone out there who grew up with a different version of christianity that what it TRULY is. Because, over time learning all of this, well,  it changed everything for me.

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