May 12, 2017

8 Ways Hand-Lettering Relieves Stress


8 Ways Hand-Lettering Relieves Stress


Learning hand-lettering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. In whatever season of life you’re in, picking up hand-lettering (in my opinion) is a must! One of the biggest benefits of teaching yourself to letter is that it relieves stress while also producing beautiful handmade artwork.

1 | Forces mindful Focus

You can’t multitask while you hand-letter. Lettering requires your full and undivided attention. It forces you to focus on the task at hand and nothing else. This is not only good for your mind but it also will improve your ability to focus in on all aspects of your life. And the more focused your mind is, the more present you are with your children, spouse, family, and friends!


2 | Fuels Creativity

We all need a creative outlet to go to when we are feeling overwhelmed. Lettering is  a great way to express yourself through art and words. It fuels creativity like nothing else, it’s so so simple that you can do it anywhere. You can letter while your on the phone at work, sitting at the doctor’s office, or while relaxing at home. 


3 | Gives your brain a break

During the day our brains are filled with tons of tasks. We are constantly thinking about how we can get all our to-do’s done on time. This takes a large amount of mental energy and stamina. On those days where your brain is overloaded, take a 15 minute break from thinking and letter away! Find a pen and a piece of printer paper and go to town. Your brain will thank you.


4 | Decreases your nervous energy

You know the feeling where you just feel really hyper? Like you just drank a ton of espresso but you didn’t. You just have a lot of energy and need an outlet to release it so you can get back focusing. Try hand-lettering when you’re feeling really antsy. It calms your hands down and helps center you.


5 | Calms your thoughts

Maybe you’re going through something really hard. You have a lot on your plate and you’re constantly on the verge of tears. Life just keeps throwing you some serious curve balls and you just want a break. Your brain is exhausted and you just want a break from thinking just for a little while. Lettering helped me so much with this when I was recovering from my back injury. It calms your thoughts down and gives you peace of mind.


6 | Boosts your mood

For some reason you woke up in a bad mood. And as the day goes on one frustrating thing after another keeps happening. By the end of the day you are feeling down and defeated. This is the perfect time to get out a notebook and hand-letter some positive affirmations, encouraging Bible verses, or happy words!


7 | Inspires your imagination

Most of our lives are very busy. Our schedules are packed. We hardly get a chance to dream, use our imagination, and feel inspired. Hand-lettering for just a few minutes a day fuels your imagination and gives you the inspiration you need to keep on going!


8 | Positively changes your perspective

When you letter on a regular basis, your negative perspective shifts and you start to see the world in a more positive and creative way. Your new creative perspective allows you to see  logos, billboards, and signs differently. I have been known to see a word or phrase somewhere and say, “That would look so cute hand-lettered!”.


If you want to explore hand-lettering even more, download my FREE hand-lettering practice sheets! Or take a look at the hand-lettered products I create HERE! They might give you some inspiration as to what you want to start creating!


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