May 19, 2017

9 Fears That Are Holding You Back From Your Dreams


9 Fears That Are Holding You Back From Your Dreams


We all struggle with lots of different fears. I’ve noticed that all of us have the same fears and doubts when it comes to chasing our God-given dreams (me included!). It’s important to recognize our fears and then make the conscious decision to shut them down with God’s truths.


1 | You’re afraid to take risks

Starting something new is really nerve racking. You question every little thing. Is this the right move? Am I making a huge mistake? Is this even worth it? You ask yourself all these questions and you know what, that’s completely normal. If you never take a risk then you’ll never know what you could be missing out on. What’s that saying, no risk no reward (it’s so true!).


2 | You’re afraid to be different

Being different is hard. Uniqueness isn’t exactly encouraged when it comes to our careers. You’re dreading having to answer the question, “So what do you do for a living?”. What would you say? Would they understand? In my experience, probably not! But that comes with the territory.  


3 | You’re afraid you’ll look like a fool

None of us want to embarrass ourselves. Humiliation is a tough thing to go through. Why would you want to risk chasing your God-given dream if it could possibly come with embarrassing mistakes and obstacles. You’d rather be content being miserable than looking like a naive dream chaser with your head in the clouds.


4 | You’re afraid of what your family will think

Family means everything to you. The last thing you ever want to do is let them down. You will spend years and years at a job you hate for the fear of disappointing your family. Their opinions mean everything to you and if they tell you it’s not practical to chase a crazy God-given dream. Then you probably won’t ever do it.


5 | You’re afraid to take a leap of faith

It’s so easy to tell people to have faith. The hard part is to actually HAVE it and use it! Leaps of faith are just plain scary. And we don’t like scary, we like safe. We like comfortable and predictable. But what if you are one leap of faith away from a totally different life?!


6 | You’re afraid to dream big

Dreaming big is a foreign concept. We are taught to get an education. Then to get a stable job with good benefits. And then eventually buy a house and have children. Chasing our God-given dreams is not exactly the societal norm and so it’s hard at first to start dreaming of new possibilities.


7 | You’re afraid of the unknown

The unknown is a place full of possibilities, dreams, hopes, and and incredible freedom. But that scares you. You like having all your plans and goals all in place. You don’t want to do anything “irresponsible” that would derail you from your expected and perfectly planned path.


8 | You’re afraid of being judged

What will people think? What will they say about me? What will I say to them? Do any of those thoughts sound familiar? Because we live in a technological age, our lives are under microscopes. We have become hypersensitive to being negatively judged and we try to avoid it at all costs.


9 | You’re afraid of being imperfect

You probably grew up in an environment with a lot of expectations. Because of that, you always feel the need to do everything perfectly without messing up. You can’t stand the thought of not measuring up or even worse, being imperfect. You always do what is expected and nothing less.


If you read all of those and nodded your head at all of them. You aren’t alone. We all are confronted with each of these fears from time to time. It’s important though for you to understand that these are just fears. They won’t stop you from chasing your God-given dream, with enough passion, drive, and focus you will plow through all of these with ease.


See here’s the thing. God didn’t design us to play it safe. He designed us to be radical trailblazers. He gave each one of us passions that were meant to be fulfilled and nourished.


Because at the end of the day, you know what’s bigger than your worst fear, God. He moves mountains, he heals the hurting, and he moves in big ways in your life. You have the God of the universe on YOUR side. Nothing is impossible and all bets are off.


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