In the fall of 2015 our founder, then a professional photographer & filmmaker, suffered a sever back injury. Everything she did for a living, she was told she shouldn't be doing anymore. Hearing this was devastating at first but Cate decided there was only one thing she could do. She could chose to look at this career change as a fresh start.

Cate has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing: Product & Brand Development so her husband encouraged her to start learning a new skill to pass the time while her back was healing. She she decided to learn graphic design (something she hadn't done since high school!) and hand-lettering. After months and months of online classes, research and a whole lot of practice, Grace Kindly was born.

Grace Kindly launched in the fall of 2016, a full year after Cate felt the call start this company. Her hope is that her graphic design work, hand-made fonts, surface patterns, hand-lettering, and online shop products inspire women to design the life of their dreams just like she did!  

meet, cate!

Cate | Graphic Designer & CEO