our mission




(n) :belief and trust in
and loyalty to God 

(n) :a strongly desired goal or purpose

 (n) :a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity




To empower women to pursue their faith, God-given dreams, & passions through our encouraging hand-lettered products and educational content.





God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

In the fall of 2015 our founder, Cate, found herself in a new city, in a brand new marriage, with a thriving wedding cinematography/photography company but yet she still felt unfulfilled. All of this coupled with a back injury that left her unable to continue shooting weddings, she found herself at a crossroads and knew something had to change. Cate has a Bachelors Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Marketing: Product & Brand Development and was successful in building her first company, Violet Iris Studios, so her husband encouraged her to start another company. After months and months of prayer and preparation, Grace Kindly was born. Grace Kindly launched in the fall of 2016, a full year after Cate felt the call from God to start this company. It was during that year of waiting and the hard season that came with it that Cate grew into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Through this series of uncertain circumstances, Cate was left to rely on only one thing, God. Her hope is that these products she designs and the content she creates will encourage  and empower women to pursue their faith (in whatever season they're in), God-given dreams, and passions!  

meet, cate!

Cate | Designer & CEO


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